Road Accident Fund (RAF) Assist

Streamlining Your Path to Fair Compensation from the Road Accident Fund in the event of an accident. 

In the intricate web of legal processes surrounding road accidents, the Road Cover no-fee claims management system stands out as a beacon of simplicity and efficiency. At the heart of this system lies the pivotal cover provided by the Road Accident Fund (RAF), an exclusive South African entity dedicated to compensating individuals facing financial losses due to road accidents.


Safeguarding Your Rights 

The importance of this cover cannot be overstated. Road Cover steps in to assist claimants through the maze of paperwork and legalities associated with RAF claims, ensuring that those affected receive the compensation they rightfully deserve. In a nation where road accidents can have far-reaching consequences, this support becomes a lifeline for those grappling with injuries, financial burdens, or the loss of loved ones.


A Pledge to Efficiency

 What sets Road Cover apart is its commitment to expeditious claims processing. The system guarantees a significantly reduced turnaround time, ensuring that claimants receive their settlements promptly. This commitment to efficiency isparticularly crucial, given the often-protracted nature of legal proceedings.


Transparent and Cost-Effective Solutions

 Oneof the standout features of RoadCover's RAF Assist is its transparency andcost-effectiveness. Members enjoy the peace of mind that comes with no cashoutlay other than a nominal monthly membership fee. Furthermore, RoadCoverassures its members of no hidden deductions or contingency fees, providing aclear and predictable financial path during an already challenging time.



Guiding You Through the RAF Assist Journey

 Theprocess itself is straightforward, initiated by contacting the dedicated claimsteam. Once connected, a dedicated lawyer takes charge, managing the claim frominitiation to conclusion. This hands-on approach ensures that claimants areconsistently informed at every stage, eliminating the burden of administrativetasks and reporting requirements.


Comprehensive Coverage

 RAFAssist covers a spectrum of compensations, including past and future medicalexpenses, loss of earnings, support for dependents, damages for pain andsuffering, as well as funeral expenses. What's more, RoadCover goes beyond mereassistance, providing a network of expert consultants, from leading actuariesto medical practitioners, to uphold the same professional standards that definethe organisation.


Your Assurance: 100% Payout

 Perhapsthe most reassuring aspect of RAF Assist is the guaranteed 100% payout from theRAF at the conclusion of the claim. This certainty is a testament toRoadCover's dedication to delivering on promises and ensuring that its membersreceive the entirety of their entitled compensation.


In essence, Road Cover's RAF Assist transcends the conventional, providing not just a service but a comprehensive support system. In a landscape where clarity and reliability are paramount, Road Cover stands as a dependable ally, guiding you through the intricacies of RAF claims with professionalism, transparency, and an unwavering commitment to your rights and well-being.


What Is the Cost?

 For as little as R10.00 per month or R120.00 per annum we can activate this cover and attach the Value Add Product onto your main risk policy which means the premium will be collected with your main risk policy as one debit order.


How Do I Activate This Benefit?

 It is as simple as responding directly to thise-mail communication or contacting your Underwriter or Broker on 0861242123

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