Car Hire Extension - Terms and Conditions

 Car Hire Extension - Terms and  Conditions

 The  extension of car hire following an accident/theft is included under certain  specified vehicles as noted on your policy schedule.

 This  value-added product is administered by Royal Administrators.

 We  highlight hereunder the Terms and Conditions where this value-added product  (VAP) has been selected by you:


Summary of Operating Clause of  Extension:

Royal Administrators will, provided  that the insured (you) agree to comply with the terms and conditions of the  car rental company and sign documentation required by the car rental company,  provide a motor vehicle for a limited period as stated on the schedule. The  vehicle type and size will vary depending on the cover provided as per the  policy schedule.


Provided that:


·       The order for the hire of the vehicle  is authorised by Royal Administrators.

·       The insured signs all necessary  documentation as required by Royal Administrators and the car rental company.

·       A valid driver’s license is presented,  in order to drive the rental vehicle.

·       The hired vehicle may only be driven  within the Republic of South Africa.

·       This vehicle must only be driven by  the insured or drivers as nominated to the car rental company. The hired  vehicle will not be insured for any other drivers
        except those nominated on  the car rental agreement.

·       If the hired vehicle is damaged or  stolen during the period of hire, and repudiated by the car rental company’s  insurer, the insured will be liable for all costs.


The period of the car hire will  commence:

 In  respect of theft  :                             from the date the vehicle is stolen.

In  respect of accident – driveable  :       from the date the vehicle is  handed over to the repairer

In  respect of accident - not driveable :  from the date of accident


Or as soon as reasonably possible


The period of car hire will  terminate:


In  respect of Theft  :      from the date the claim has been settled or the number of days stated in this  schedule after the commencement of hire, whichever is the sooner

 In  respect of Accident :                         from  the day the vehicle is returned from the repairer, or
                                                                  the number of days stated in this schedule, after the commencement of hire,  whichever is the sooner


As the Insured you will be liable for  the following costs:

- Any  deposit required at the time of rental

- Any  fuel on returning the vehicle to the car rental company

- Any  e toll cost during the period of rental

- Any delivery and collection costs  of the rental

-  Navigation units

-  Baby Seats

-  Cross Border fees

-  Traffic Fines

- Any contract fees

- Any  costs incurred after the termination of the rental by Royal Administrators

- Any first amount payable in the  event of the rental vehicle being damaged or stolen subject to the terms and  conditions of the car rental company insurance policy.


If you would  like to add this benefit to any of your vehicles that do not currently have  this value-added product, please do not hesitate to contact us for a  quotation. 


Kind regards

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