Alarming Claims Statistics

Santam’s loss data over the last year or so has revealed that most Toyota’s, Nissan NP200’sand Lexus vehicles have been targeted for hijacking and theft by criminals. The enclosure lists the affected models in detail. This list is not set in stone, as in our experience VW Polo’s and other makes have also been targeted.


We want to highlight this to you for the following three reasons:


Firstly, and most importantly, your safety is our primary concern as these vehicles are frequently hijacked. In the event you or your loved ones own one of the identified vehicles, please take extra care, particularly when driving in high-risk crime areas.


Secondly, the requirements to insure these types of cars are stricter and usually include a vehicle tracking system and possibly a higher excess. Some insurers may insist on two tracking devices.


Lastly, we always recommend you protect your insurance risk profile, by keeping these high-risk vehicles in mind, when buying vehicles. This may assist in reducing the risk of claims and helps your insurer to keep your premiums down.


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