Additional Power Installations & Insurance Implications

One of the hottest topics currently, is the creation of additional power through Solar PV (photovoltaic) or generator installations, due to high levels of load shedding. 

There are several legal and statutory regulations that govern these installations, which we believe you should be aware of:

- Any installation which affects the distribution board (DB board), must be carried out by a person (or company) who holds an electrical license (IE), is registered as an electrical contractor with the relevant bodies and is compliant with local municipalities by-laws, regulations etc.

- Roof structures must be able to support the system being installed(where applicable). (SANS 10106:2014 5.3.1). A professional engineer is required for this.

- Contractors must be authorised to issue a Certificate of Compliance (COC) for the work they have undertaken. Insurers will require this document in the event of a claim.

- Request a copy of the Contractor’s policy to ensure there is cover for the installation itself, as well as Liability cover.

- Disclose to AIB Cape the full details of the scope of work well before it commences, as there will be insurance implications. Many claims are rejected due to Non-Disclosure.

- Be sure to advise us of the value of the installation, as your sums insured must be adjusted, and additional cover added, where applicable


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AIB Cape

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