Home and Road Safety This Festive – AIB Cape Tips for 2022

If you are embarking on a road trip this festive season, we recommend that you do not underestimate the value in planning in advance for your road trip so that you get to your destination safely and comfortably.  Many South Africans will be exploring our beautiful country over the forthcoming weeks so before heading out onto the road we encourage you to make sure that you, your family, and your insured possessions are safe during the holidays.  Make sure that your vehicle is safe while driving on the roads and that your home is safe and household contents are protected while you are away.


Your Home


  • Service your alarm system,     especially due to the harmful effects of load shedding on electronic items     and batteries.  Please make sure that your alarm system is fully     functional, including backup alarm batteries, battery operated sensors,     etc.  We encourage you to test your alarm system with your security     company before going on holiday. Having clear signage indicating that you     make use of a security company may also help to discourage burglars.


  • Double check that all doors are     locked and that all windows are shut properly before you set out.


  • Unplug all unnecessary     appliances, such as the geyser, TV, etc.  Not only is this protection     from damaging power surges, it is also an environmentally friendly     practice.


  • Store jewelry or valuables     while you are away, in a locked safe.


  • Avoid posting your travel plans     on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Also be     wary to tell people of your plans. You never know when your trip away from     home may be overheard or seen by a potential robber.


  • Discard the boxes of any     expensive items and Christmas presents with care. Placing things like a     flat screen TV box, computer boxes and so on outside your house for     garbage collection alerts thieves of what is in the home. You should try     dispose of the boxes on the day the garbage is collected or, even better,     consider collapsing the boxes of more expensive items.


  • Please remember to insure your     high value gifts.  We recommend that you send us a photo of the asset     along with your valuation of the item/s so that we can adjust your policy     accordingly.


Your Vehicle


  • Ensure your vehicle is     roadworthy.  All lights, indicators, windscreen and the wipers,     brakes, steering, exhaust system, shock absorbers and tyres must be     carefully checked for faults.  If you are unsure of what to look for     we recommend that you have a professional carry out these checks.


  • Check that your vehicle has the     necessary minimum safety equipment, for example, spare wheel (check that     it is inflated), jack, emergency triangle, first aid kit etc.


  • Try keep distractions like     phone calls to a minimum and avoid texting while driving.


  • Try to plan your route in     advance and stick to the major routes if possible  - try to avoid     driving after dark.  It is good idea to share your planned route with     a family member or friend.  Keep them updated on your progress and     let them know when you have arrived.


  • Have a good rest before you     begin your travels and remember to take regular safety breaks on your     journey only stopping where it is safe to do so.


  • Watch out for pedestrians,     cyclists and motorcycles, keep well clear of them.  If your journey     takes you into rural areas be alert to pedestrians and animals.


  • If you are driving outside of     South Africa, remember where the territorial limits apply to make sure you     have cover. If your vehicle is damaged outside the Republic of South     Africa, repairs other than emergency repairs may only be done in the     Republic of South Africa.


Please feel welcome to contact us should you have any queries or need any assistance.  If we don’t hear from you, we wish you a safe and enjoyable journey.


As always, AIB Cape remains at your service.

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