Cybersecurity: Hacked for the Holidays

‘Tis the season for holidaycelebrations and scams. As retailers deck the halls & malls with amazingdeals and limited-time offers, cybercriminals celebrate with their owntraditions — tricking you into sharing sensitive information in exchange for“exclusive” holiday deals amongst the general scams they try all year round..We all love a great holiday deal. (Some more than most), but unfortunately,these seasonal offers provide the perfect attack vector for cybercriminalstargeting individuals and organizations alike.


Some Infosec 2022 tips.


Question 1: How can youavoid being a part of a holiday scam?


A: Don’t engage with suspiciousemails that you were not expecting.  Keep to the most important rulewhilst attending to emails... DON’T CLICK ON LINKS!

A: Verify deliveries through the seller or directly with the shipping company

A: Donate to a charity through their official website


Explanation: Steals and deals are exciting, but by being aware of security threats and how to stop them, you can enjoy a safe holiday. And that’s a good deal!


Question 2: How can you be cyber-secure while traveling?


A: Only pack what you need, asextra devices could be lost or stolen

A: Don’t share trip informationwhile you are away; wait until you return home

A: Avoid bringing work devices on apersonal trip


Explanation: Taking only themost necessary items and not sharing too much information can help relieve thestress of traveling. Ensuring you, your items and your data are safe is key toa successful trip.


Question 3: Which scams takes advantage of a person's generosity?


A: Charity and donation scams


Explanation: Attackers know that the holiday season is the season of giving. They create phony charities or pretend to be collecting money for real charities.


Question 4: How can you ensurethat you purchase a legitimate gift card?


A: Purchase gift cards directlyfrom stores you trust


Explanation: Only purchasegift cards from legitimate stores, not third parties. Third-party vendors mayoffer fake or empty gift cards or offer discounted cards to tempt you intogiving your payment information.

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